Florida Wind Mitigation, Four Point, WDO, Roof Inspection, Mobile Home Tie-Down, and Electrical Inspection Reports

WindSurance All-In-One, Wind Mitigation, and Four-Point reports for all platforms have been updated for 2024
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State-of-the-Art Report Writing Technology

WindSurance Premium wind mitigation report (Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form, OIR-B1-1802), Four Point Premium Edition, Commercial Wind Mitigation, and Citizens Electrical Inspection reports for Windows, Mac, iOS*, and Android* are the latest Citizens reports. The WDO  report is the official State of Florida WDO report.  Our reports employ advanced XFA-PDF technology such as expanding photo and comments sections and Dynamic Extended Reader Usage Rights (ERUR). WindSurance Premium and Four Point Premium have all the popular features you expect to find in an inspection report. WindSurance and Four Point Premium are powerful dynamic apps that allow you to save your information in your reports using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Abobe Acrobat Reader DC is available free from

WindSurance Premium and Four Point Premium is continuously expandable on either a Windows PC or a Mac. In other words, you can add an unlimited number of pictures and comments sections just by clicking on a button. You can even start a report on a Windows PC and finish it on a Mac (or vice-versa).

Photo Pages
Four Point Premium for Windows and Mac has expandable photo pages. Insert as many or as few photos as you need.

iPhone and iPad Users
Life just got a whole lot easier! Purchase the iOS version alone or as an add-on to the Windows or Mac Editions. Your iPhone has a high quality camera with flash, suitable for taking wind mitigation and 4-Point pictures. Take a picture on your iPhone and your pictures will automatically appear on your iPad through PhotoStream. Tap in a photo field to grab a picture. Your pictures will automatically be sized and placed into the report for you.

*iOS and Android version sold separately or as an add-on to the Windows and Mac editions. The photo pages for iPad or Android have a set number of photos but additional pages can be added. Photo fields have drop-down photo captions that correspond to the Wind Mitigation Form section titles.

Wind Mitigation

WindSurance Premium Edition
for Windows, Mac, or iOS, or Android are the latest version of the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (OIR-B1-1802).

Four Point

Four Point Premium Edition for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android are the latest version of the Citizens Four-Point Report.

State Farm Four Point

State Farm Four Point Premium Edition for Windows, Mac, or iOS, or Android is the latest State Farm Four-Point Report.

Multi-User Licenses, Upgrades & Additional Reports

Purchase multiple licenses and upgrades.

Also, Commercial Wind Mitigation, WDO, and Roof Certification.