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WindSurance Premium Edition User's Manual

4-Point on an iPhone or iPad Video
(video recorded on an iPad Mini)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start a new report?

A. Start a New Report Video

Q. How can I flatten a report file so that it cannot be edited after I finish it?

A. There are two common methods for flattening. There are step-by-step instructions in these three videos:

Method 1   Method 2  Method 3

Q. I have the latest version of Adobe Reader but the program says I need a newer version. Why?
A. The current major release of Adobe Reader is Adobe Reader XI. Earlier versions of Abode Reader sometimes incorrectly report that the installed version is the current version when checking for updates from within Adobe Reader.  You will need at least version X (10.1).

Q. Can I edit the forms using a third party PDF editor?
A. The forms conform to the PDF 1.7 specification. As of now, only Adobe Reader X and XI fully supports the new PDF 1.7 specification.  PDF 1.7 is a very new specification. Other companies may support it in the near future but as of right now, I am not aware of any that support it. However, Adobe Reader is free anyway so I suggest using Adobe Reader.

Q. Can I use Adobe Acrobat Standard or Adobe Acrobat Pro with WindSurance?
A. No. WindSurance is designed for use with the free Adobe Reader X.  Acrobat is a design program. It is not intended to be a substitute for Reader. You may have your Windows File Associations set to open all PDFs with Acrobat but we advise against it. You should associate PDF files with Reader.    

Q. Can I print the report?
A. Yes. Click on the Print button in the upper right corner.

Q. I would like to upgrade to WindSurance Premium but I have already purchased WindSurance Standard. Can I get a discount on WindSurance Premium?
 A. Yes. You can apply 100% of your original purchase price toward the purchase of an upgrade at any time within one full year.  After a year, we still give substantial discounts.  When you buy any inspection software from BestInspectors.Net, you are making an investment.  You never lose your investment.

Q. Can I save a completed copy of report or the auxiliary forms as PDFs that I can edit later if needed?
Yes. Click on the "Start" then choose a name for the report file. If you  accidentally write over your master template, click on the "Reset" button in the Top Right corner.

Q. We need to sign the form before we send it to the agents.  Is there a way to do that in this program?

A. Yes. Click on the signature line is an image field. Click above the signature line and a browse window will open. Browse to the image of your signature. Select the signature image.  You can also use Adobe Reader's "Sign Document" feature on a report that has already been flattened. Refer to the WindSurance User Manual for detailed instructions.

Q. Is there a User Manual?

A. WindSurance Premium Edition User's Manual The manual is for WindSurance but most of the information in the manual also applies to Four-Point Premium.

Q. What is the latest version?

A. WindSurance Version 14.4 and 4-Point Premium 15
Released date: March 14, 2013

Q. What operating systmes will windSurance and Four-Point run on?

A. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS*, Android** *Apple iOS (iPad, etc) requires a third-party PDF editor such as PDF Expert ** Android requires a third-party PDF editor such as QPDF Notes. We do not provide technical support for QPDF Notes or other PDF editors on Android.

Q. What does "flatten" mean"?

A. Flattening a PDF means that the PDF is made into a PDF that is no longer an editable form. Report PDFs must be flattened before distributing them to customers.

Q. How can I flatten a WindSurance, Four-Point or Capstone PDF?

A. There are several ways to create a flattened PDF. You will need a third-party PDF Print Driver. Not all PDF Print drivers will work with all PDFs. PDF Print Drivers that are known to work correctly (as of 1 May 2014) are BullZIP PDF (recommended), PDF995, CutePDF and Adobe PDF on Windows, PDF Expert on iOS, QPDF Notes on Android (Google and Samsung).

If you do not have a suitable PDF Print Driver and you are working on a Windows PC, you can print to XPS (supported by all Windows PCs) and flatten from within the XPS Viewer (also on all Windows PCs) by printing to the Adobe PDF Print Driver or most other PDF Print Drivers.

Q. Can I distribute unflattened report PDFs?

A. No. An unflattened PDF can be edited by anyone. Also, distributing an unflattened PDF created with any BestInspectors.Net software is in violation of the End User License Agreement and is cause for termination of your license.

Q. My flattened files are too big. Is there a way to make them smaller?

A. "Too big" is a relative term. A file may be too big for one purpose but not for another. Flattened PDFs are usually larger than they need to be, or should be, because of digital pictures that are too big. The size of the digital pitures is determined by the camera settings. The recommended setting for digital pictures is VGA. Anything larger than VGA is not necessary and will result in a larger finished file size. the file size of finished (flattened) Wind Mitigation reports is usually in the 1-3MB range.

WindSurance PDF requires Adobe Reader X or newer on Windows or Mac

Download Adobe Reader (Free)